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Top 10 Baseball Players In The Game Today

Posted on: October 5, 2011 1:11 pm
Edited on: October 5, 2011 1:12 pm
This list doesn't include pitchers, because my focus is merely on everyday players who are playing in the game today and to me are the 10 best in their field.  Let me clarify my list as well.  There may be some omissions of players who are great statistically, but who are on the downside of their career, players such A-Rod, Derek Jeter,...etc. This list contains players who will still be in the Majors in the next 4 or 5 years and their numbers will still be comparable to what they are today.

10)  Prince Fielder:   He will continue to hit at least 35 or more home runs in the next 4 or 5 years. He's a game changer and with Ryan Braun hitting in front of him easily the best 3-4 hole hitters in the game today.  

09)  Robinson Cano:  Just a pure hitter, who can hit with power when needed; a tough out for any pitcher and his defense is top-notch.

08)  Joey Votto:  He keeps getting better every year, he'll continue to hit Hr's, but I think he'll be more of a doubles typeof hitter in a few years, but still a hitter that can change a game with one swing, and continue to play a solid first base.

07)  Troy Tulowitzki:  I can see Tulo playing third base one day, and I see him possibly winning the home run title if he stays healthy.

06)  Matt Kemp:  It's scary how easy he make the game of baseball look.  Stolen bases will diminish but average & power numbers will not. 

05)  Carlos Gonzalez:  Arguably the sweetest swing in baseball; if he can cut down his strikeouts, he'll be even more dangerous.

04)  Miguel Cabrera:  It feels like he's been in the league forever, but he's only 28 years old and has hit 30 Hr's or more 6 straight years.

03)  Ryan Howard:  It's scary to think what his career #'s would look like if he came in the league as early as Cabrera did.  People complain he strikesout too much, but you're willing to put up with the strikeouts if you consistently get 35 to 45 Hr's every year.  

02)  Albert Pujols:  Currently the most dangerous hitter in the game and will continue to put up gawdy #'s in the next 4 years or so. 

01)  Ryan Braun:  Easily the most dynamic player.  There's not a weakness in his game; he may never win a Home Run title, and    

that may be the only statistic that will keep this guy from winning the triple crown one day.  You have to like how this kid plays the game.

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Top 10 Baseball Players In The Game Today

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